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SkipJack History
Skipjacks are still in Production
1966 Jack Cole Company begins the Skipjack line of boats in Costa Mesa CA with the 20' Flybridge. He was the first boat builder to use full liners in small boats, build a flybridge on 20' boat, use 1" steel rails on a 20' boat.

1966 20' Flybridge. This is not a current model

1967 20' Open cruiser introduced. This is not a current model.

1969 Jack Cole Co. incorporated as Skipjack Boats inc.

1969 24' Flybridge boat. Last one built 1989.

1969 24" open cruiser. Last one built in 2008.

1971 All boats were changed to 18 degrees deadrise.

1973 28' Flybrdige. Last one built in 1994.

1976 25' Cabin cruiser. Last one built in 1988.

1980 25' Sport cruiser. This is not a current model

1983 25' Fisherman. This is not a current model.

1987 25' Flybridge. Last one built 1993.

1988 25' Sports cruiser. This is not a current model

1990 35' Flybrdige. Last one built 1993.

1991 26' Flybridge. Still in production.

1992 26' Fisherman. This is not a current model.

1992 26' Sport. This is not a current model.

1993 Skipjack factory relocated to Anaheim CA.

1996 30' Flybrdige. Still in production.

2000 38' Flybridge. Still in production.

2003 Skipjack factory relocated to Oak Hills, CA.
under the name "Invader Marine"

2006 First D6 series Volvo diesel installed in the 262.

2015  Quantity of 262's reached 197 boats (Total Skipjack's over 4,000)

2016 Skipjack by Invader Marine, name change to Skipjack Yachts.

2016 Launch of newest model of 38ft in Newport Beach CA.

2017 Design of 380 changed to accommodate the larger 650 hp Cat. diesels.

2021 Volvo D6's installed with fly by wire controls and steering

2021 Newest version of 262 developed as "Baja Model"

2023 Model 262 (26ft), replaced

by the
NEW 27 ft. model 270

Note: Over the years various changes were and are being made to the models still in production.
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